Dixit; An Imaginable Apples to Apples

Thursday nights are typically boring because I usually write my lab report and work at night. However, this past Thursday was actually eventful. Thursday happened to be a game night that my library at school was hosting. Local board game shops are invited to our library to demo board games for students. After I ended work, I drove to the library and played games with a couple of cool people. One of the games I tried out was Dixit. Dixit is essentially Apples to Apples with abstract pictures and it’s oddly enjoyable.

In this game, players draw 6 cards that have abstract art on them. On your turn, you pick a card from your hand and say one word about that card. You want this word to describe the image, but not so obvious that everyone knows what image you pick. Everyone else picks a card and adds it to the pile. The cards are then placed face up and everyone else guesses which card you picked. There are points awarded to the players who correctly guess the card I put in. You win by being the first player to receive 30 points.

For example, say I decided I wanted to use the card on the right with the man destroying the city. Some good descriptive words could be: hungry, angry, and epic. These words are broad yet could describe what’s occurring in the art. Some words I wouldn’t use to describe the image on the right could be destruction, devastation and monster. These words would be too specific to that picture.

Initially, I thought I wouldn’t be very good at this game. As my friends were explaining it to me, I was still puzzled by how the game worked. During the rounds, I started to catch on and even though I didn’t win the game, I came really close.

I definitely would play this again. I didn’t think I would love this game as much as I did, but it makes you think. It’s a fun twist on Apples to Apples that the whole family can enjoy. I’m glad I could cross off another game on my Board Game Bucket List.

9 thoughts on “Dixit; An Imaginable Apples to Apples

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  2. It was a good idea to write about board games bc of the holidays coming up. My family used to eat a ton of food and watch tv & sit around and talk, but the past couple years we have a new tradition of playing games instead. I like being at least a little active after a huge meal like that so boardgames are perfect – and this one seems really fun :))


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