My Longing for the Holidays

*I am choosing not to write about the election at this time. I do have a blog post in the works, and I will publish it when I’m ready.*

Last weekend consisted of me working at Caribou while listening to holiday music amidst snowflake decorations. Some customers came up to me slightly annoyed while others were extremely excited. I’m in the latter group because I really enjoy the holidays. The holidays are special to me for a variety of reasons.

Gift Giving! 

The older I get, the more I love buying gifts. I already have a list going for my brother, mom, boyfriend, and a college friend of mine. Receiving gifts is fun too, but giving gifts is x10 times better. I would like to say I’m great at buying gifts because I know the people in my life extremely well. This part of the holidays is certainly fun for me.

Christmas 2015 4

Family Bonding 

Since I’m still at college, I don’t see my friends & family back home. This saddens me, but I get to spend a lot of time with them during the holidays. I just talked to my brother a couple days ago on the phone, and we have a gaming night planned with my uncle. As a family, we are all going out to a nice dinner to celebrate my aunt’s birthday in December so I’m happy to spend that quality time with them.

Christmas 2015 3

Cooking Winter Meals 

My mom’s homemade chili, tater tot hot dish, and cheesy mashed potatoes are yummy.

This holiday season will be fantastic no matter what. I need this time to unwind from finals and prepare for my final semester at school. I also get to catch up on some much needed gaming and reading. Is there anything in particular that you’re excited for? Are you still feeling that it’s too early for holiday shenanigans?


7 thoughts on “My Longing for the Holidays

  1. As I start ordering Christmas presents and the weather drops well into snow temperatures I am definitely feeling the holiday spirit coming along. We definitely need it now more than ever!


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