Dealing with Puppy Fever

This may come as a huge surprise from someone who loves cats, but I really want a dog. Puppy fever is coming on strong lately. I live in a house with two dogs and I like having them around. I have never owned a dog, but I have owned plenty of cats. I think animals provide a soothing sensation to a home and bring much-needed happiness and warmth. I scoped out some dog breeds that I’m interested in because what else is a better way to procrastinate than doing homework.

The boyfriend loves pugs so I may end up being a pug mom eventually. I’m not too picky about dog breeds, but I would love to be able to take my dog on long walks. I can’t wait to own pets!!


22 thoughts on “Dealing with Puppy Fever

  1. Those are all adorable puppers! We have a senior Yorkie/Silky Terrier. He’s more the size of a Westie. Here is Rambo on bath day:

    He’s getting on now (12 years), cataracts in both eyes, so he’s always bumping into things and he had knee surgery this Summer too (all recovered and back to playing bally).

    Here he is taking a nap:

    and another one of him sunbathing:

    Apparently Yorkies are ‘hypoallergenic’ as they don’t shed. He’s a very active senior which I’m glad, so he is enjoying his old age despite his vision issues AND still learning tricks (we use commands to help him when coming to a kerb or wall AND he’s bilingual hehehe). I’m sure when you meet your future pup, you will just know you are meant to be together. 🙂


  2. Owning a dog is the best (and worst – losing Steel SUCKED SO BAD I STILL CRY EVERY DAY) thing ever in the world. I love cats, but dogs just.. they allow a deeper bond I believe. My only advice to you, with the above dogs – is that a Husky you will HAVE to take on long walks like AT LEAST once a day lol. They are HIGH ENERGY and will escape to run if not worked out enough. The others are easy breeds. I’d say the pug and corgi will be the easiest to potty train – i’ve heard bad things about dachshunds being a horror on that front. But, I do know friends that have them and are fine. ❤ good luck. Puppy fever is the best 🙂

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  3. I am actually dog sitting a husky now and she is IN.SANE. like she must be part kangaroo bc she bounces all over the place. Just like Katy^^ said, very hyper & needs lots of activity. I do not ever want one – way too much energy for me. But she is very beautiful!


  4. I always have puppy fever, and I’m a cat lady through and through! I used to have a Golden Retriever, and while he was the absolute best, I don’t think I could handle another big dog like that again. My husband and I have a little dachshund now and she’s adorable, so we’re thinking about getting another!


  5. I’m having the opposite issue right now! I have kitten fever. I have two dogs (both corgi mutts–one tall like a husky and the other short and chubby), but I really, really want a cat. I *might* be getting one soon. It sort of depends on whether the big, neurotic dog can handle it.


  6. I can relate to this so much. We’ve been wanting a puppy to join our two kitties for so long, but sadly our situation isn’t puppy friendly right now. To be honest, I’m pretty much always in animal fever. I’d have a zoo if I could!


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