Martha Jones; the Underrated Companion

After discovering Doctor Who in the Summer of 2014, I became a devoted fan girl. The Doctor is egotistical and eccentric while the companions keep him grounded throughout time. I also think Doctor Who tackles societal issues such as xenophobia and racism. As I wondered what I wanted to blog about, I decided to talk about my appreciation for Martha and how amazing she is as a companion.

She Tackles Racism like a Boss 

A great episode in her series is Human Nature. In this episode, a woman confronts Martha saying that a woman of color cannot be a doctor, however, Martha puts her in her place. It’s sad that the Doctor takes her back to a time when she needs to do this, but Martha is strong, snarky, and able to hold her own.

She’s in Blink which is One of the Best Doctor Who episodes. 

Blink is an episode that’s a good first episode to show non-Whovian. Martha doesn’t have a huge role in this episode, but still, this goes to show how Martha’s episodes were pretty great.

I think one of the many reasons why Martha is disliked is because of the way her character was written. Rose had just left and the writers wanted Martha to be this new romantic interest for the Doctor. Well, the Doctor wasn’t over Rose clearly and so Martha was made to be this woman pining for a man she couldn’t have. How disappointing. Martha had a lot of bright and shining moments as a companion but still couldn’t get over her crush on the Doctor.

If you’re not a fan of Martha, I encourage you to give her another shot. I think you will be mesmerized by what she is capable of and how she’s a great role model to women of all ages. Martha, you deserved better.

12 thoughts on “Martha Jones; the Underrated Companion

  1. Martha was one of my favorites! It was refreshing to see a companion who was trying to deal with the Doctor’s attachment to a previous companion (Rose). She was smart and willing to help the Doctor, but she didn’t want to be seen as second fiddle to his past either. I completely agree she was underrated! 😀


  2. Oh man, I enjoy this post so much because I love Martha! She’s always been a favorite of mine (Freema Agyeman is so brilliant) and I agree she’s sadly super underappreciated. I agree that a lot of it has to do with her feelings for the Doctor when everyone was still feeling pangs about Rose, but there’s also definitely so much more to her that people should consider!


  3. Thank you for this post! I love Martha (and Freema) so much — and now I have another thing I can shove in people’s faces if they say they never saw the point of her! Ten treated her miserably, and although I was so sad to see her leave after Series 3, the way she said goodbye was very much the logical conclusion to how she’d been calling him out on his behaviour throughout their time together. She did go on to serve with UNIT and later continued saving the world with Mickey, so she did follow in his path in some way, but she did it on her terms.
    And, I mean… she laughed in the Master’s face. That woman’s got more grit than most of Gallifrey.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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