Doctor Who & Cuddly Yoshi; November Goals

It’s my last semester of college classes and I can’t believe that it’s already November!? Where did that time go? I’m excited to graduate because, after 5 years of being in college, I’m ready to be done. I brainstormed while at work and I came up with my November goals.

Catch Up on Doctor Who 

I am so behind in Doctor Who! I watched the first series with Capaldi and it took me a long time to get used to him as the Doctor. After completing the series twice, I finally am on board. Amazon Prime has the newest series and that’s going to be the show that I watch in addition to all my fall TV shows.

Beat Yoshi’s Island or Remastered Zelda Ocarina of Time 

Yoshi's Island.jpg

My poor neglected 3DS; I see it sitting on my shelf in the Hello Kitty case, but I never take it out. I played a little Yoshi’s Island yesterday and I forgot how cute this game is. I decided I wanted to make sure I finish one of these games in the month of November. Also, I have never played a Zelda game before so I’m excited to hopefully start that game soon.

Read 2 Books in November 

I’m currently reading a book written by a local MN author, but I also have the YA Black Widow novel sitting waiting to be read. I’m super excited to start that book. I also hope to pick up some new trade paperbacks sometime soon.

Honestly, I don’t have anything else I want to add to this list. These goals should keep me pretty busy. Plus once the end of November hits, finals will be approaching quickly so I need time to devote to that. This small list is perfect for this Thanksgiving, winter month.

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who & Cuddly Yoshi; November Goals

  1. My November feels so busy I don’t want to take a look at the schedule because I’ll have a heart attack. I might copy you and get a copy of the Black Widow book 😉


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