Concluding October Goals

Happy Halloween! Since it’s the last day of October, I wanted to reflect on the goals I made for this month. I will probably make a separate post for November goals because this post became a little longer than I had originally intended for it to be.

Pass The American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification Test 


I’m so relieved! I took the test on October 19th and I passed with flying colors. This means a lot to me because as soon as I graduate I can apply to be a Personal Trainer in a gym setting. I can also do personal training outside a gym setting and set up a client list. So this is very exciting stuff. Also, this means I didn’t waste $300. . . phew.

Listen to 3 episodes of 3 different podcasts.

Incomplete 😦

I listen to various episodes from two different podcasts. The first podcast I listened to was Panels & Pizza. This podcast takes place in a local MN comic book shop and the host interviews local artists. The other podcast I started listening to was Pop-Queer-is. This podcast talks about different queer identities shown in a pop culture setting. The first episode was about Harley Quinn and her problematic back story which was super interesting. I’m on the episode about trans representation and how problematic some of this content is.


Turn off my phone while I’m at school/work and only scroll for 5 minutes at one time.

Incomplete 😦 

I started playing Disney Emoji Blitz which is a really cute app to pass the time. I also scroll through Instagram way more than I should so I still need to work on this.

Disney Emoticon Blitz.jpg

Hang My Convergence Art plus Billie Piper’s signature 

Incomplete 😦 

You know how you have something on your list that you need to buy, but it’s a boring thing to buy so you don’t buy it? That’s how I feel about frames. So I didn’t buy frames for my art, but I might just put some tape on the back of the images and hang them anyway. I want them hung up, I just don’t want to buy frames. Instead I went to Target and bought Snoopy socks.

Read Two Complete Books *graphic novels included* 


I read Anna and the French Kiss which by the way. . I hated it.  This story was not romantic whatsoever! Anna did some things with St. Clair that were not okay. As someone who has had to bring up cheating in a relationship before, this ruined their whole relationship. I don’t care that Anna had feelings for St. Clair, they shouldn’t have snuggled/slept in the same bed together. C’mon.. -End Rant- I also read I Kill Giants a graphic novel my brother lent me. Finally, I read Crafting with Feminism the crafting book I recently reviewed.


Watch the Luke Cage Series on Netflix. 


Luke Cage was so good. It’s great to see a narrative that’s not told by white men because that does happen far too often. All of Marvel’s Netflix shows have been superb and I can’t wait for the Defenders.

October was a fantastic month for me and I hate to see it go. I can’t wait for the Holiday Season as I already started Christmas shopping! I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!

9 thoughts on “Concluding October Goals

  1. Looks like you had an awesome month! I have a love/hate relationship with frames. I love having framed artwork, but I get so frustrated with how expensive some frames are. It’s so silly! It makes me wish I had an IKEA near me…plain, simple frames for a reasonable price. That’s all I want haha!

    Congrats on passing your Personal Trainer Certification Test – that is so great!! Yay!! I hope November is a great month for you too!


  2. Yay, looks like you got a lot done! Luke Cage was so dang good, I’m glad you loved it too. Congrats on getting your trainer certification, that’s so awesome!


  3. Just found your blog and I love the goal setting. I love a new month bc that means new goals! Also congrats on your new cert! I have a podcast recommendation for you if you’re still looking: the skinny confidential Him and Her. It is hilarious 🙂


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