Feminism Crafting Party

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Crafting is such a fun, relaxing way to chill with friends. A couple weeks ago I was contacted to review a new crafting book titled Crafting with Feminism 25 Girl Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy. The author shown above is a feminist of course and she’s wearing some of the above crafts you can make. I was emailed a $30 e-gift card for supplies and sent the book for free. Unfortunately, you can’t use the e-gift card in stores only online so I actually haven’t used it. I plan on using it to make a more expensive craft in the future so I can order supplies online. Me & my group settled on the empowering underwear and the tampon crafts.

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As a crafting beginner, I wish I would have done more research on making underwear. Apparently, you can’t use a bleach pen on spandex which I didn’t know. Two of the girls in my group ruined their underwear accidentally. So if you use a bleach pen, don’t use it on spandex!! I used cotton underwear and it worked really well. Here are some of the pictures of the finished underwear:

My pair of underwear turned out really well!


Bleach Pen with Spandex Underwear Before:


Bleach Pen with Spandex Underwear After: 

Crafting with Feminism 8.jpg

As for the tampon craft, the tampons look kinda creepy. I think we used too thick of a pen because we called them the “Joker & Harley tampons” So using a thin point sharpie probably would make the tampons look a lot better. I have attached the Joker & Harley tampons here:

Joker Tampon is on the left, and Harley Quinn is on the right. 

Crafting with Feminism 9.jpg

Overall, I thought this book was fun. I still really want to make the coffee mug, the feminist-empowered flask, and the candles. However, there are some crafts that just aren’t appealing to me.  I have no interest in sewing a uterus pillow, decorating vagina decorations on the Christmas tree, and making anything revolving with tampons. Granted I’m not good at sewing so that’s part of the reason why I don’t want to do some of the crafts. If you’re a self-declared feminist like myself, I think you will love the crafting book.

Crafting with Feminism 2.jpg

14 thoughts on “Feminism Crafting Party

  1. I love the idea behind this book but I would likely buy it more as a gag gift or to keep on my shelf than to actually complete the crafts. Except that RGB finger puppet, that’s a must!


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