Birthday Chicago Visit!

My birthday was last Saturday and I’m officially 22 years old and I will not quote the T-Swift song. I just got back from a much needed vacation to Chicago which was so exciting because I had never been to this humongous city before. It makes it easier to visit since the boyfriend lives right near Milwaukee. So I just wanted to post the pictures that I took and recap on one of my favorite weekends this summer.

When I visited Chicago, I had a check list of tourist things to do. Willis Tower, eating Deep Dish Pizza, seeing the bean and shopping on Michigan avenue. I was able to check off all of these places so now for the pictures.

Willis Tower 2.jpg

Willis Tower 6Willis Tower 11Willis Tower 13

Willis Tower is the tallest building in Chicago and they have these boxes called the sky boxes. They stick out off the building and they’re kind of freaky. You have to pay 22 dollars to go up and see the building which I thought was worth it. It’s crucial to do this earlier in the day though because once we got done at around 11:30, the line was so long.

Deep Dish Pizza 2.jpg

Chicago invented deep dish pizza which is so delicious. It has so much bread and this particular slice had Italian beef, jalapenos and onions and it was honestly probably the best pizza I have ever had. Gino’s East was right along downtown Chicago and it was amazing.

Millenium Park 3Millenium Park 4MIllenium Park

Visiting Millennium Park was pretty cool. It was pretty packed since it was sunny outside, but I still got my bean pictures. There were all these different sculptures around and it reminded me of Minneapolis’s own sculpture garden.

Overall I had a really fantastic trip. I had always drive around Chicago, but had never been downtown. It was impossible to do everything in Chicago, but I made a mini list of places and things to see when I go back because it will happen. Traveling is always so fun and I’m glad I got to do at least one summer trip.

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