Nailbiter Volume 1 Review/Fangirling.


Let me just say, I used to be obsessed with Criminal Minds. Penelope and Reid were two of my favorite characters because Reid is adorable and Penelope is so quirky. I recently finished this amazing graphic novel titled Nailbiter that feels like a Criminal Minds graphic novel. It’s gritty, dark and intriguing and all about serial killers. The artwork is even better. Warning: This novel is graphic if you don’t like gore, don’t read this book. 

Nailbiter takes place in a small town of Buckaroo, Oregon. The first pages show the arrest of Edward Charles Warren a serial killer who would chew off the fingers of his victims before killing them. Buckaroo isn’t unique to hosting serial killers as 16 have had their start in this small town. Is this a coincidence or a family affair? That’s the mystery surrounding this graphic novel.

The back of this novel says that this story is a mix of Twin Peaks and Se7en. Se7en is an amazing movie starring a really hot Brad Pitt, so that’s a great reason to see this movie.  Anyway, I knew reading the back that I would love this novel, which I did. IGN even left a glowing review of this book so I’m not the only one who loves it.

After finishing this novel I’m halfway frustrated/angsty/excited because there are so many unanswered questions. I like having the cliff hanger because it makes me excited about future novels yet I need to spend money like right now on the other volumes. The characters all seem like they have skeletons in their closet and I’m looking forward to delving into each character.

Nailbiter 2.jpg

The artwork though…. woah it’s pretty graphic in a good way. I said earlier that it is gory and I stand by that. The first page shows Edward Charles Warren biting into the bones of fingers which is pretty nasty. Usually, I’m not a fan of gore, *one main reason why I don’t want to watch the Walking Dead* but this wasn’t bad for me. I love the detail that goes into each page and the cover art to each issue is spectacular. 

I’m already searching on Barnes & Noble’s website for the next volumes because I need to know what happens. Horror is such a cool genre and it’s great to find a novel that’s gothic, gritty and suspenseful.


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