Convergence Haul Post #2

*This is my second post regarding Convergence and my experience*

My three part series about Convergence is halfway over. If you haven’t had a chance to read my recap of the convention, you can find that post here: Convergence Post Part #1 This post will talk about what I purchased at Convergence aka my haul.

One of the best and worst things about conventions is all of the amazing merchandise to buy! It’s great because I love adding to my geek collection, but it’s really bad for my wallet. I had to control myself when bringing out my wallet. Thankfully, I didn’t spend all my money, but I still left with amazing purchases. I wanted to share with pictures what I purchased from the Con.

Hades/Inside Out Print by James Powell

Inside Out Hades Art

Artist Alley is one of my favorite places to visit at Convergence. I actually got this above print for free because I follow James Powell on instagram. I commented when he posted a picture of this print because I have a guilty pleasure with how much I love the Hercules movie. When I saw his booth at artist alley, I knew I had to have this print. I told him that I commented on instagram and he remembered me. He gave me this print free of charge. I was so astonished with how cool of a guy James Powell is.

Follow James Powell on instagram! @james_powell_art

Linus Walking Dead Print by James Powell

Walking Dead Peanuts Art

This was the last print I bought from James Powell. After giving me the Inside Out/Hercules art print for free, I knew I had to buy more of his art. I love the Peanuts with a passion and even though I’m not the biggest Walking Dead fan, I really loved the mash up. Plus my boyfriend loves this show, so it will fit right in when I hang it in our room.

Fairy Tale Mash Up Books by Camille Griep

Fairy Tale Books Art.jpg

My uncle and aunt also go to Convergence and they were having a drink with a woman they met at the hotel bar. Her name was Camille and she is an author from Seattle. This was her very first Convergence and she was trying to promote her books. I had mentioned that I blog for Twin Cities Geek and I would love to promote her work. So she handed me two of her books for free to review! I’m looking forward to reading them because they appear to be fairy tale themed. The cover of this book reminds me of the first season of Once Upon a Time which I loved. I can’t wait to officially read them.

Jade Street Protection Services Book #1 by Katy Rex


Katy Rex just published her first book and she’s a local Minnesotan. She also has the best fashion sense ever. She has a punk rock look with this fabulous teal colored hair. She’s also super nice and let me look at her book. I purchased it for $4 and I think I will really like it. It reminds me of Babs Tarr’s work with the new Batgirl. Katy described her book as Sailor Scouts who go off to Hogwarts and get caught smoking in the bathroom. I like the punk element to this book. Plus I got Katy to sign her book and I love her signature.

Superhero Index Cards by Willis.

Superhero Pocket Art

I feel super bad because I can’t read the signature on the back of these index cards. I know it says Willis, but I can’t read his last name. Anyway, these were $1 a piece and I love the detail and the coloring. Wolverine looks like a bad ass in his traditional uniform and Batman is just being angry.

Besides all of this art and various books, I tipped random dollars at party rooms which is where most of my money went. I love buying art because I’m not artistic and I admire artists with this talent, but also I love supporting someone’s business. This wraps up my haul post and I have a lot of reading to do. In the meantime, I’ll be watching Young Justice and anxiously awaiting for my boyfriend to visit on Friday.

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