Bizarre Brunette’s Origin Story

I’m taking a break from the Convergence wrap-up posts to write a post about how this blog came about and how I became proud to consider myself a geek. 

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The first time I cracked open a Harry Potter book to read is when I became a geek. As I grew older, I still kept reading various fiction novels including The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc. In 2012, I watched The Avengers for the first time and I was enamored with superheroes. So I started reading comics and graphic novels and I loved the medium.

When I went off to college in 2012, I had an identity crisis. I loved what I loved, yet I was insecure to share that with anyone else. I still watch cartoons all the time and I can still spend hours playing video games. I was nervous that I should give that up because I need to grow up. Eventually, I mellowed out and accepted that this is who I am.

In the summer of 2013, I went to my first con, Convergence. I met so many individuals who loved what I loved and I felt really at home. For those 4 days, I was in a safe place to express my interests and to see other geeks come together. This is why Convergence is so important for me. It paved the way for self-love and acceptance of what I love and to love myself no matter what


I have always wanted to blog about my geeky interests so I took initiative and created this blog. At first, my name was going to be the Geeky Ice Skater. My friend came up with Bizarre Brunette and I knew that was what my blog name would be. Now I can share anything I want on here including my book reviews, board games, video games, and my con experience. I’m so thankful that people follow my blog and post comments every now and then.

14 thoughts on “Bizarre Brunette’s Origin Story

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  2. I remember reading Harry Potter for the first time in 9th grade! My 9th grade English teacher had the first book on her bookshelf in the back of the room, and I remember thinking “what the heck! Might as well read this” and I fell in LOVE! I quickly went to the library to get the rest of the books. Having a blog where we can write about what we love and like to geek out about is so great and fun. I definitely need to get back into blogging more often!


  3. Harry Potter is like the ultimate gateway geek starter haha…love your story and HP is really got me hooked too 🙂


  4. Harry Potter was one of my first forays into geekdom too! I’m so glad you’re able to express yourself as a geeky girl! I went through a similar thing in college where I felt like I should keep most of my interests to myself for fear of being judged. Luckily I met a bunch of people interested in the same stuff as me so I’m totally comfortable with my geekiness now!


    • Yeah exactly! I think college really helps to guide you into becoming who you are supposed to be as a person. My boyfriend is geeky too so that definitely helps in being extra geeky. I just don’t really want to be someone I’m not just to impress people or make people like me.


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  6. I remember Harry Potter coming out my 9th or 10th-grade year of high school. I had no clue what it was about and I didn’t actually pick the books up until I graduated high school and the first film came out. I only rediscovered Doctor Who shortly after the birth of my son, I’m glad I did!


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