Convergence Post Part #1

Happy Fourth of July! After my hiatus from last week, I’m here to share a lengthy post about Convergence a con I attended last week. Let me tell you something, con depression is certainly real as I feel a little sad that Convergence is finally over. This post is pretty long, but I tried to sum up my happiest moments at the con. This post has helped me relive my most fun memories and I can’t wait for Convergence 2017 because yes, I will be there. Also, I will be writing two other Convergence-themed posts: Convergence Haul & Fandoms I’m, Diving into. 

Thursday, June 30th, 2016 

The theme for Convergence this year was focused on traveling in different fandoms. This includes the Tardis, Millenium Falcon, and other ships or ways to travel in media. Thursdays are usually the most relaxing day of the convention as I find it’s a bit slower-paced than the other days.

Friday, July 1st, 2016 

Day 2 Multiple Batmans

I cosplayed as Robin for the entire day on Friday. I found multiple Batman cosplays throughout the day.

Day 2 Scarecrow

Shortly after seeing the Batman cosplayers, I found a Scarecrow outside. I had to take a picture with him because it looked really good, it kind of freaked me out. Right before Con, I started replaying Batman Arkham Asylum and it was cool to see an accurate Scarecrow cosplay.

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Day 3 Sailor Scout

This was my last day of Con and I cosplayed as Sailor Saturn. Now is this cosplay really accurate? Meh. Though I’m proud that I helped make my own cosplay. I had a lot of help, but still, I’m proud of myself. I chose not to wear a wig. I understand that would help make my cosplay more accurate, but I didn’t really want to. Wigs irritate me at times and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable all day.

Day 3 Sailor Scouts 2

Day 3 Ribbons

I’m not sure if other cons do this, but at this con, you can collect ribbons. Ribbons can be handed out by other con attendees or you can get ribbons for volunteering. I try to collect as many as I can throughout the con.

Day 3 Sailor Scouts 3

On Friday and Saturday nights, there are more adult panels featuring comedy shows or other types of entertainment. We were waiting for a panel titled Drinking with Geeks which basically had comedians drinking unknown bottles of alcohol and the audience could hand alcohol to the panelists. It was funny and I’m glad I could witness, but not actually drink the liquor myself.

Day 3 Star Wars Party Room

Look at this BB8! I found him in a Star Wars party room. Party rooms are these hotel rooms that are decked out in a theme. You can have alcoholic drinks in party rooms, but you certainly don’t have to. Unfortunately, if you aren’t 21, they won’t let you in so this was a fun new experience for me being 21.

Day 3 Futurama Party Room

This was from the Futurama-themed party room.

My Convergence experience was really fun and I had a blast. I would even go as far as saying that this one was my favorite out of the other two I attended. I will be writing up my Convergence Haul & Fandoms I will be diving into posts pretty soon after this so be on the lookout for that. Cons are so fun and I’m glad that I went.



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