Civil War is a Mesmerizing Superhero Film.

Last weekend, the boyfriend drove to the cities to hang out with me which is sweet since we are doing a little bit of long distance this summer. He asked what I wanted to do while he was here and I immediately answered with “See Civil War” The boyfriend had already seen this movie, but he gladly decided to go again with me and not spoil anything before the movie. Civil War was so good for a variety of reasons, but I love the addition of two new characters: Black Panther and Spiderman.

Representation in TV & Movies is so important. It’s great to see some diversity onscreen and I’m glad Marvel is trying to add that to their movies. I also think Black Panther was really significant to the plot of the film. I could really identify with his need for revenge and why he chose to fight with Iron Man.

I was also stunned when I found out that the Winter Soldier killed Tony Stark’s family. Is that comic book canon? I have no idea, but I didn’t see that coming at all. I just assumed we would never truly know what happened to Stark’s family. Steve Rodgers knew about this too which is hypocritical. Steve Rodgers is all about not keeping secrets and not being left out of the loop, but he’s glad to keep secrets about other people.

Civil War is fascinating because there really isn’t a “villain” in this movie. I mean Zemo and Crossbones are villains sure, but both Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers feel they are doing the right thing. On the one hand, I truly feel bad for Bucky. He was taken, experimented on, and forced to do atrocious things. Though I do respect Tony Stark and I think he wants to keep everyone safe because he feels guilty about what’s happened in the past.

In general, this was a really well-made, humorous, and action-packed movie. My all-time favorite Marvel movie is still Captain America the Winter Soldier but this movie was still fun to watch. Now I just can’t wait for Black Panther to finally get the solo movie he deserves.

2 thoughts on “Civil War is a Mesmerizing Superhero Film.

  1. In the comics the story is different: Captain America and Iron Man split because of the ID act that forces Superheroes (and mutants) to disclose their identities. Cap is against, and Tony is in favor of it along with the Government. I enjoyed what they made with the MCU, but I still stand with Cap here. It’s also hard for Tony, but he is pretty broken and the downfall here is that no one is noticing that he needs real help, not Hulk on a couch snoring while Tony tries to open his heart. It’s heartbreaking…


    • Well that’s what makes it so complicated. Bucky still committed these crimes whether he was brain washed or not. I also agree with your statement about Tony because he clearly has been going through tough stuff regarding everything that’s happened. This could have been a nice way to address mental illness because it’s clear that Tony is suffering from a little bit of PTSD. I think it’s heartbreaking too how they have to refreeze Bucky because this is Captain America’s best friend and since they can’t figure out how to get him unbrainwashed.. so depressing.


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