Thrift Store Haul!

A couple weeks ago when I was still in Winona for finals week, I went thrifting. Additionally, my old apartment buildings put on a program called Dumpster Diversion. College students could donate various items including clothes, baking items, non-perishable food, etc. Of course, I looked through the clothes because it’s free clothes why not? In that same week, I also browsed at the new Goodwill that opened. I was there honestly for probably three hours though it didn’t feel that long at the time. I had to spend the time going through shoes, clothes, pots & pans, old DVDs, and various trinkets. I wanted to share my amazing finds and I ended up spending 6 bucks… score! 

Basic T-Shirts

Thrift Haul May 2016 5

Let’s get the most boring one out of the way first. . . T-Shirts. Caribou Coffee where I work only allows me plain colored shirts which I didn’t have enough of. I bought both of these shirts at goodwill for only $6. They look great and don’t look too worn which is one concern that I have with thrifting. The shirt on the right is also a dry-fit shirt which means it also is great for working out. That’s perfect since my gym is right next to where I work so I’m all ready to work out after my shift ends.

Express Beaded Shirt

Thrift Haul May 2016 3
Thrift Haul May 2016 4

I absolutely love this shirt! I found it in dumpster diversion which was free. This beading reminds me of a cascading leaf which I think is super pretty. It’s really flattering too, but it’s also really see-through. I’m not too worried though because it will be perfect with a colorful cardigan to layer over when fall arrives.

And finally.. my absolute favorite thing about this haul is…


Thrift Haul May 2016 2
Thrift Haul May 2016

Someone was trying to get rid of this?! I want to thank the person who got rid of this so I could start wearing it. I also got this through dumpster diversion so again free things. I love that it’s the cover of a comic book instead of just the hulk on a sweatshirt. It’s incredibly detailed and in really good condition. This is a size small so it fits a little tight but not uncomfortable tight. I wore it a couple days ago and it’s one of my favorite things in my closet. It could be paired with short shorts and a necklace in the summer or with black skinny jeans and black riding boots in the winter. It’s so versatile and I know I can wear this a million different ways.

Thrifting is something I really enjoy because fashion doesn’t have to be super expensive. Plus I like spending my money on other things every once in a while so it’s nice to get clothes that aren’t going to break my bank.

8 thoughts on “Thrift Store Haul!

  1. I love it all! Kind of along the same lines – I went to Old Navy last night with the BF. He has an Old Navy CC and he racks up rewards and then we go and buy a bunch of stuff – FOR FREE. I got a really cute black shirt I can wear with my leggings (ie it covers up the butt haha) and an orange one that matches TWO pairs of leggings I have. And some teal shorts. We ended up getting about $360 worth of stuff, for $180 and only actually paid $4. WHAT. So awesome.


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