Titan Fall.jpg
This game is my favorite!

I’m sure everyone can agree with me when they say they hate moving. I think the worst is just realizing how much stuff you truly own. I spent most of last week moving the boyfriend’s things. When we finally arranged everything I was finally able to unwind and play on his Xbox One. The first game I popped into his Xbox was Titanfall and I had a blast.

Titanfall is basically an online based game where you fight other players in this futuristic world. I don’t know if there’s any campaign for this game.? I’m pretty sure the only point is to play online and rack up levels which is totally fine with me. Once you score enough points in the game you can summon a “titan” which is this huge robot you can pilot. Battling gamers in Titanfall reminded me of Halo 3 and all of the endless hours I spent playing online.

Another reason I was so excited for this game was it easily reminded me of Pacific Rim. Pacific Rim is an underrated Guillermo Del Toro movie that I really love. The titans remind me of the Jaegers which are mechanical ships that are piloted by humans. Also if you haven’t watched Pacific Rim I highly recommend it. The Titan has a lot of cool mechanics including shooting rockets and blocking attacks. I can also use the scope to zoom in on other players and run over and smash pilots on the ground.

Titanfall is such a fun time and I can’t wait to play it throughout the year when I’m back in Winona.

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