Life Lately MSP ComiCon

I love living near the cities because there is so many events to go to. Besides blogging as Bizarre Brunette, I also write for another blog called Twin Cities Geek. I started writing for Twin Cities Geek last summer which was great, but being in Winona was rather limiting because I couldn’t attend geeky events in the cities area. Being in the cities this summer, I find it way more fun to be a contributor to the site. Two weeks ago my boss and creator of the site asked if we were willing to sit at our booth at MSP ComiCon and if we said yes we could get in for free. I love free stuff, events and free anything so I volunteered to do it. I went yesterday and I had a pleasant experience.

This was the first time meeting my fellow contributors to the site. The two other women in this picture below are wearing the Kylo Ren and Rebel Pilot outfits from the Her Universe Line. I’m jealous because the dresses look super comfortable and these ladies look fabulous. Anyway, besides meeting awesome people we had the most amazing banner by our booth. Christopher Jones who I fangirled about because of the Young Justice comic I just finished designed our poster.

Being an exhibitor has nice benefits including free food upstairs. Since I was sitting at the booth, I could go upstairs and get free food which included this delicious pasta salad. This con was super respectful to everyone who was attending. Not all cons treat people with respect especially if they are only there for profit. It can change your experience about a con and about whether you want to return next year.

MSP ComiCon Booth.jpg

In between volunteer shifts I wandered the convention floor and noticed a lot of cool stuff. The downside is I didn’t bring cash which was dumb on my part. I really didn’t want to pay the $3.00 ATM fee to pull out cash. Later in the day I was approached by a cartoonist/illustrator named Phil Juliano who wants to get in touch with me to write an article. This con was a great place to network and meet local artists which wasn’t something I expected prior to arriving that morning.

Talk Geeky To Me

This con actually meets twice a year with the second time being in October. I’m for sure going to go! I had such a great time eating a bunch of food, talking to my fellow Twin Cities contributors and talking with local artists and businesses. Cons are my favorite places to be and I can’t wait for Convergence which is happening next month. This summer will definitely be a blast.

8 thoughts on “Life Lately MSP ComiCon

  1. That looks like such a fun con! I’ve only ever visited cons but I’d love to go as a vendor some time, though it didn’t occur to me that you might be treated differently than a normal con-goer. I’ll definitely have to look into that if I do ever get the chance.


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