Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

This semester has been rough due to losing my cat Jasmine and handling losing a close friend of mine, but you have always been a phone call away. You listen to every word that I say and offer helpful advice. Your advice is never quite what I expect and I love that you challenge me that way. You cause me to think of the world differently which is something I always appreciate.

September 10th 2010 Wedding 2.JPG

I love that you call me and want to gossip about the newest movie trailer. It’s something we geek out about especially if it’s about Marvel. Our shared love of Jeremy Renner will never go away. I love that we can watch James Bond movies and sing the title song because we both know the words by heart.

Prom 6.jpg

I love your laugh. Your laugh is unique and it’s something I cherish when I’m at home. I can hear you laugh all the way from the basement and it always puts a smile on my face. Especially when we can’t stop laughing about cat videos that I show you. When I’m having the absolute worst day, I know I can call you, and just hearing your laugh distracts me from life for 5 minutes.

Wedding Fun with my Mother.jpg

Finally, having your support is all I need. Whether that’s money for an occasional tank of gas or being there when I cry, it’s something that I’m lucky to have. One life lesson I have realized is families are unique and some families aren’t close. Thankfully, we have a special bond that brings us closer together.

I love you. You’re all I need to be happy and I can’t imagine my life without you in. You’re amazing.

From your daughter, best friend, and fellow Jeremy Renner fan..


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