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Sex Criminals

I have read two out of the three trade paperback books I picked up. Sex Criminals is a paperback that I have been wanting to read for a while. Matt Fraction also wrote this Hawkeye series that I really love so it’s a good sign that he’s a part of this too. This paperback is such a weird concept for a story, but I really liked it at the same time. I do have one slight problem with it as I will discuss later.

The story picks up with the two protagonists getting it on in a bathroom. Immediately we are introduced to Suzie and Jonathan. Every time they orgasm during sex, they are brought to a world where time is stopped. Suzie calls this world “The Quiet” They end up attempting to commit a robbery and each issue shows how Suzie and Jonathan came to rob a bank.

This paperback was not what I expected. Then again, I don’t really know what I expected but the concept sounded weird and I wanted to read it. I love the artwork of “The Quiet” It’s all eerie and bright looking with pastel colors and ribbons of light shining on the panel.

I also liked how Suzie talks about her sexuality and her journey to acceptance. Especially with the conversation, she has with her gyno about what happens after having an orgasm and her doctor responds “usually you fall asleep with your husband.” This book addresses what women actually get shamed with when they decide to have sex before marriage.

The one problem with this novel is some slut shaming going on. Maybe this is just my interpretation as I read this book, but I’m not a fan of slut shaming ever. Suzie makes a comment about her roommate and how there wasn’t anyone in town who hasn’t fingered her. It was the way that it was said that put me off. I just don’t really support slut shaming because I don’t want to tear another woman down and it’s her body so she can do what she wants. This book had a little bit of that going on which wasn’t okay with me.

Overall it was definitely interesting reading this paperback. I probably would continue on the series, but hopefully, the slut shaming ends. I think it’s definitely worth a read especially if you love sex as much as I do.

9 thoughts on “Sex Criminals Discussion

  1. That makes me sad that something that I’ve been looking forward to reading had such a downside to it in the form of slut shaming, but I’ll still give it a shot, and like you, hope they cut that slut shaming shit out. :-p


  2. I can see where that would be interpreted as slut shaming, and sadly you can’t read the letters and stuff that are in the single issues if you’re reading the trade but Matt and Chip never put anything in Sex Criminals that’s negative without a reason. They do everything they can to make a very sex positive and inclusive comic and when they bring up things like that it’s always to draw attention to issues faced by individuals (often women).
    I could see how it would be off-putting though, definitely but keep reading! The series is really great, and they deal with so many issues that are often overlooked and it’s definitely worth it to keep reading.


    • This is an awesome response! I think that Matt and Chip really do a great job in some aspects of it. I like that they really detail Suzie’s coming to sexuality. That instance that I mentioned was the only instance I can recall where there was some shaming to it. Good to know that the later issues are improved. I will definitely read them.


  3. I saw this trade several times in the comic book store, and I always look at it, take it, and then leave it xDDDD I’m not sure if taking it for reading or not. But now I kind want to read it :p The thing that always puts me off is the “criminals” of the title. Sometimes titles can be misleading, and I think this is such a case. Okay, then, I’ll read this one 🙂


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