Life Lately Wrapping Up My Senior Year

Today is my last day of being a college senior. Unfortunately, I’m not graduating on time because I switched my major back in sophomore year and I basically had to start from the beginning. I have never regretted my switch to Exercise Science because it’s where my passion is. It combines perfectly with my love of biology with the science behind exercise. Next semester I will only be enrolled in two classes so I won’t be full-time. Next year I hope to finish my internship and walk across that stage and finally receive my bachelor’s degree.

Here is a wrap-up of the classes I took:

Pathophysiology: This class focuses on the cause of disease and how a disease presents itself. This class was really fascinating actually, but this class was easily the hardest this semester. It required a lot of studying to wrap my head around all the ways the body can become diseased.

Epidemiology: This class is a more public health-based class focused on the spread of disease. Similar to pathophysiology in some ways, but different at the same time.

Lab Methods: All about laboratory ways to test fitness and health. So performing fitness tests on older adults and performing a VO2 max test. VO2 max is basically looking at how much oxygen your body can use during exercise.

Advanced Nutrition: This class was the last class to complete my nutrition minor. I really liked the class and I learned a little bit about how nutrition impacts health.

Even though I feel like I had no life this semester, I was able to have a little fun. I went to the ACSM conference that I wrote about in April and I went down to the cities for a pub crawl. I’m moving back to Minneapolis on Saturday so expect more posts about life in general and fun random stuff that I’m doing. The cities are where I belong.

American College of Sports Medicine April 1st 2016 2
ACSM conference!
Yule Ball 5

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