My Health & Fitness Story

I wanted to write something a little more personal on my blog today. I have hinted that I’m a college student and if you didn’t know already I study Exercise Science. It’s a little self explanatory, but it mainly discusses how the body responds to exercise and the benefits of physical activity. It’s something I’m absolutely passionate about because physical activity has so many health benefits. I haven’t always been physically active, but I changed my ways and started including exercise into my routine about four years ago, so here’s my story behind how exercise really changed my life.

My parents were never really physically active. My dad struggled with his obesity for his adult life. I have seen him trying to lose weight and exercise, but it was too little too late. He died of pancreatic cancer and from what I know about this disease, it’s linked to obesity. When I was in high school, I did not care what I ate and I didn’t care about being physically active. I laid around and played video games (I still do this occasionally). My friends would ask me to go to the gym and I declined. More than likely it was due to intimidation as I can definitely say at that age, my friends were more physically active than I was.

As I was coming to college, I did not want to gain the freshman 15. This is extremely vain and just typing this out makes me cringe.I was dedicated to exercise and I even used some of my graduation money to buy workout clothes.

I started by going to some of the fitness classes my college had to offer. They really kicked my ass. I would be sore for three days and it would be hard to walk. It probably wasn’t the best way to get started, but it worked. I started going to classes and my favorite was Turbo Kick. Kickboxing is such a fun workout and I recommend trying it. It was so fun that even though I was tired, I still enjoyed it. At first, I couldn’t get through the entire class. I had to stop and take breaks and wait for my heart rate to come down. Eventually, I was able to go through the entire class and I felt really proud of myself.

I pretty much did only cardio for about two years. In 2014, I decided to lift weights. I wanted to get stronger and once I got more into my major, I learned different techniques. This was a slow and steady progress, but I can say that I definitely have gotten stronger not only in my arms, but my back and chest. I have also been able to use the bench press something I would not have dreamed of when I entered school.

Exercise really changed my life.I have always been insecure with my body and that led to feelings of self doubt. Ever since adding exercise, I have felt more secure with my own body. I feel sexy, strong and powerful. Besides that, my stress has been lower. I do get anxiety every once in a while, but if I don’t skip the gym, it’s much more under control. It’s easier to walk up a flight of stairs.. just kidding seriously I still get breathless sometimes; stairs really suck. I can carry groceries up to my apartment without my arms burning. I haven’t gotten sick in forever. I haven’t gotten a cold at all this flu season and there is a link between exercise and a healthy immune system.

Anyway to wrap up this post, I just want to say that it’s never too late to start becoming physically active. Physical activity really has a lot of health benefits and it doesn’t have to be done at the gym! It can be a simple walk/bike ride or doing activity in the comfort of your own home. I really am not trying to over exaggerate but exercise was life changing for me.



10 thoughts on “My Health & Fitness Story

  1. I totally feel you. In high school I was much larger and held a lot of hate for my body. Years after I worked to find a me that I liked and still didn’t like it. I loved my body once I was married and saw myself in his eyes. Still, I’ve gained a lot of weight back and I’m working hard to love myself again. And to fit into my awesome tee shirts.


    • I think the most important thing though is to be accepting of how awesome your body is. The fact that you carried a child!? How awesome is that. Look at your body for how it allows you to move or how you can carry your son as you hold him. Sometimes when I think of how my body allows me to perform activities, my body confidence rises.


  2. Fitness is definitely important. I used to work my ass off just to be skinny, but at this point I’d like to be healthy and strong πŸ™‚


  3. Fitness is really important, I agree. I’m not much into it, but I love walking a lot and punching. I’m seriously considering classes of some sorts to keep my stress levels down. Besides, I love feeling strong πŸ˜‰


  4. I hear you I was put on weight at uni and was really unhappy even though I was doing a dance degree I had such a unhealthy lifestyle. But now I’m a fitness instructor and I love my job. I love seeing participants hit their goals and grow more confident. I’m a big advocate of group exercise I love the support and energy in the class. keep up the great work xx


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