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Legends of Tomorrow is a show that I have a love/hate relationship with. I blogged some time ago about this show and how I was very excited to start watching it. Being that I’m indeed a Doctor Who fan, this felt like Doctor Who with superhero companions. Plus any reason to see Arthur Darvill back on TV is good enough for me. Also, I absolutely adore Caity Loitz. She’s my favorite version of Black Canary as I have never been a fan of Laurel’s portrayal of the character.

So I start watching and I thought this show had a lot of potential. The episodes were creative and still action-packed. Plus the amount of crossovers with Arrow is fantastic. However, I’m not sure if I love the direction in which Legends of Tomorrow is going. I contemplated dropping this show out of my TV schedule.

Let’s talk about the Kendra/Chay-Ara and Ray Palmer romance. I’m not a fan. Kendra just realized she’s this ancient Egyptian goddess from another life. Let’s explore her feelings behind that. Obviously, the TV creators were more focused on giving her a lover especially since her main squeeze was killed off in the second or third episode.

This is the problem with putting women on TV. I want strong, independent women who don’t need a man to be happy. In the first couple of episodes, they focused on a friendship between Kendra and Sara Lance. That would have been really cool to develop that friendship so they both can kick ass together. Instead, they start this love triangle between Firestorm and Ray Palmer. I could not be more disappointed. Love triangles need to be trashed and I’m tired of seeing them in every form of media. UGH. Kendra has the potential to be a really cool female character, but the writing is really ruining it for me.

I think Legends of Tomorrow can end on a high note if they dump the love triangle. We shall see if I continue watching the series.

10 thoughts on “Legends of Tomorrow

  1. Huh, I still haven’t picked up the show, but I think I still might! I’ve never been a huge fan of superhero stuff, but if you describe it along the lines of Doctor Who, I figure it’s worth a shot:P Cringey love triangles aside, I might like this one. Keep us updated on if the show picks back up! 🙂


  2. I haven’t watched past the first episode, which I had a difficult time watching in the first place. And that SUCKS because I was so excited about this show. I love Arrow… I have to be in the mood for it, but I love it.

    I will forever ship Olicity. But I for some reason hate the idea of Palmer being with anyone but Felicity too. Weird. Maybe they are trying to mimic the popularity of the Oliver/Felicity/Ray love triangle.


  3. I honestly like the pairing of Ray and Kendra because Ray actually UNDERSTANDS that Kendra DOES NOT need him, that she’s independent and strong on her own and can stand alone. Especially what he said last episode. “You don’t need a controlling husband, you need a partner.” And then he sticks out his hand to shake her’s instead of going in for the kiss. He’s basically the perfect guy. ❤


    • That’s a good argument. I think that part is really awesome and it made me feel a little better about their relationship. I just was a little surprised that there was no build up to their relationship it just happened within an episode or two.


      • I would say it was because it had taken Kendra SUCH a long time to realize she really DID want a relationship, but by the time she did, the man she loved was killed, plus, he was pushy and kept trying to force a relationship on her. And then came Ray. Who wasn’t pushy. And gave her her space. And took her rejection at first well and still continued to be her friend without bringing up a “relationship”. And she realized when Gideon said he had a very little chance of living that she really did care about him because he was such a great guy and she didn’t want to lose another guy she cared about without getting the chance to be with them. So she said, “Fuck going slow.” And kissed him.


      • To each their own 🙂 I’m glad someone likes the relationship, because I’m not a fan. To me I like when relationships take seasons to build. This one felt a little too quick and forced to me.


  4. I wasn’t sure at first, but that really is Hawkgirl. I’ve been rewatching the Justice League on Netflix (one of the best shows of my childhood) and Hawkgirl was always my favorite. I recently did a search for “Hawkgirl merchandise” and got nothing. Maybe I can get more if this show grows in popularity.

    That said, if they screw Hawkgirl up, I’m not so sure. She was such a bad ass in the Justice League. Romance is fine, but I don’t think I could handle her losing that attitude.


    • I mean I haven’t watched the full Justice League cartoon so I don’t have a lot to compare to. I know some fans really like the romance, I’m just not one of them. Plus in the couple episodes they were showing a sisterhood between White Canary and Hawkgirl and I wanted that to develop more.


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