Brilliance Review

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Book reviews are probably one of my favorite posts to write. I love talking about what I just read and I feel accomplished whenever I complete a book. This is the first book in a trilogy that was given to me by my professor. My professor saw me reading in my building before class and we got to talking. Reading for me, helps to lower my anxiety that I get from life in general. So my professor let me borrow the series. I actually really enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.

So for those of you familiar with the Steelheart saga, these books are pretty similar. In 1986, 1% of children were born brilliant. They can’t shoot laser beams, but they are incredibly smart when it comes to mathematics, music and science. The United States has reacted to brilliants by establishing the Department of Analysis and Response (DAR). This government body will stop any brilliant from breaking the law. The main difference between Steelheart and Brilliance is that in Steelheart, humans have more extravagant powers and it’s also less political. Brilliance feels like the adult series versus Steelheart.

Nick Cooper is an agent of the DAR, but he’s also brilliant. He is able to use commonplace objects to develop patterns and this can help catch criminals. He is usually able to prevent bad things from happening, but on March 12th the Wall Street building explodes. Thanks to a terrorist and brilliant John Smith, Cooper goes on this wild goose chase to find Smith and take him down.

This book feels a little like Jason Bourne in America + 24 the TV Show + Steelheart + politics = Brilliance. I really enjoyed this book on many levels. I really liked the action sequences they were well written and just easy to picture in my mind. I love that this book analyzes bigotry and uses this word quite frequently. People start to look at Brilliant people and stereotype them. I feel like it’s an adequate representation of our world. Also I really like Shannon’s character. Shannon and Cooper come to meet and she becomes a real asset in his journey to find Smith.

This book is divided into various parts that reveal more about what is actually going on. After each part ends you kind of have a reaction similar to “holy shit”. So when you finish this book, you will immediately delve into the sequel which I started yesterday. The only thing I noticed about this book is that it’s slow at certain parts. That’s not a bad thing, but I had times when I would read 100 pages, and then I wouldn’t read the book at all for a couple of days. This allows you time to really savor this book.

Brilliance is a very well-written, political thriller that I would highly recommend. Nick Cooper is an interesting character to follow and his adventure is really like watching an intense action movie. This is a book/series you have to read in your lifetime.

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