22 Questions To Ask Your Partner

I read a post on a blog that I follow who did this prompt. I sent the questions to the boyfriend who filled them out. I read his responses and a lot of them are really spot on. So here is what the boyfriend said about me:

  1. What is something your girlfriend always says to you:
    That she loves me.
  2. What makes her happy?
    The tiny things like random compliments and showing her that I care about her a lot.
  1. What makes her sad?
    When she thinks about her dad or something prompts a memory she has.
  2. How does your girlfriend make you laugh?
    By doing random things and just being her weird goofy self.
  3. What was your girlfriend like as a child?
    Mariah was always into books at a young age. She would sit and just flip through random pages of books and pretend to read them even though she couldn’t read. She also was a chubby baby!
    (This is very accurate).
  4. How old is your girlfriend
  5. How tall is your girlfriend
    5 foot 8 inches (lies.. lol I’m 5 ft 6 inches).
  6. What is her favorite thing to do?
    Read books and drink coffee
  7. What does she do when you’re not around?
    Read, study and catch up with tv shows, relax
  8. If your girlfriend becomes famous, what will it be for?
    For being an actress in the next Harry Potter movie
  9. What is your girlfriend not very good at?
    She’s not good at call of duty. (He doesn’t know that I have never played Call of Duty with him).
  10. What does your girlfriend do for a job?
    She works on campus.
  11. What is your girlfriend’s favorite food?
    Cheesy potatoes.
  12. What makes you proud of her?
    I’m proud of her for a lot of reasons. If I had to pick one thing, I would say I’m proud of her for being so dedicated to everything she does. She never does anything halfway and she sees everything all the way through. But the list could go on for what I’m proud of her for.
  13. If your girlfriend were a character, who would she be?
  14. What do you and your girlfriend do together?
    Watch TV, play video games, play board games, get coffee, do homework
  15. How are you and your girlfriend the same?
    We both like weight lifting, cats, coffee, video games, comics, and the same TV shows
  16. How are you and your girlfriend different?
    I am more introverted and I consider her a lot more extroverted. (I’m actually very surprised by this answer. I have always considered myself introverted).
  17. How do you know she loves you?
    Because she tells me multiple times a day, that she is always there for me, she knows how to make me smile and we have never had a boring time together.
  18. What does your girlfriend like the most about you?
    I think she likes the most about me is my caring personality and my dedication to my school work and future.
  19. What is her favorite place to go
    Her favorite place to go would be any good book store or coffee shop.
Grant and Sloth Puppet.jpg
This is one of my favorite pictures of him.

Then I filled them out about him. If you would like to know more about the boyfriend I keep referring to.. here you go:

1. What is something your boyfriend always says to you?

I love you. 😛

2. What makes him happy?

Pugs, coffee, and pre-workout.

3. What makes him sad?

He doesn’t have a pug yet.

4. How does your boyfriend make you laugh?

He always posts random cat videos on my wall because he knows how much I love them. He also posts pug videos and pictures which I’m slowly warming up to.

5. What was your boyfriend like as a child?

He participated a lot in parkour which is where you jump off of stuff. He also was considered “the jock” of his friend group and he likes to play his Xbox. He grew up with cats and his parents are the sweetest people I have ever met.

6. How old is your boyfriend?


7. How tall is your boyfriend?

He is the one that is 5 ft 8 inches. I’m not 5 ft 8 inches.

8. What is his favorite thing to do?

Taking his pre-workout and going to do chest or arm and shoulder day.

9. What does he do when you’re not around?

Working out at snap fitness, watches his TV shows, comes up with new names for his pug, and plays Star Wars Battlefront.

10. If your boyfriend was famous, what would it be for?

I could see the boyfriend saving someone’s life and being on the local news for it.

11. What is your boyfriend not very good at?

He’s pretty clumsy and math is not his strongest subject.

12. What does your boyfriend do for a job?

He works the front desk at Snap Fitness and he works for our campus security.

13. What is your boyfriend’s favorite food?

If it’s edible, he will eat it.

14. What makes you proud of him?

He’s very successful and motivated.

15. If your boyfriend was a character, who would he be?

I don’t know why, but I immediately thought of Snoopy. Snoopy is so lovable and really dorky and that describes the boyfriend.

16. What do you and your boyfriend do together?

We play the LEGO video games together, it’s our annual date night. We also go get coffee together or when in doubt, watch something on Netflix and cuddle.

17. How are you and your boyfriend the same?

I think we are very positive people. He’s generally a very happy person. We are also very determined and we love our cats and video games.

18. How are you and your boyfriend different?

I’m actually surprised by his answer because I would definitely see him as the more outgoing one of us two. I think I’m definitely a lot more energetic than he is though. He’s pretty relaxed.

19. How do you know he loves you?

He tells me he loves me!

20. What does your boyfriend like about you?

Hmm.. I don’t know. I think he likes how caring I can be. I think he likes that I’m 100% myself all the time. I’m a weird, geeky, bizarre person but I never put up a front with that. Also, I make really good homemade waffles so that’s a plus.

21. What is his favorite place to go?

The gym of course.

Milwaukee Me and Grant.jpg

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