Minnesota Pride

Spring Break has started and I for one am not going anywhere. No sunny beach side vacation for me, just getting plenty of sleep and reading. Not traveling doesn’t bother me because I love Minnesota. Minnesota is a beautiful place to live with really cool areas and awesome people. I love my college town (Winona, MN) a lot and I also love the cities. Here are some of the many reasons why I love Minnesota.

Minnesota is a Healthy State

I study Exercise Science so we talk about health consistently in most of my classes. Minnesota continually has lower cancer rates, lower deaths from cardiovascular disease and more active people compared to other areas. Exercise is something I partake in for health reasons. Sure, it’s nice to see my muscles look bigger in the mirror, but that’s really vain. I like knowing that my body is really benefiting from physical activity. I also just feel better after my workout. It sets the mood for the entire day. It’s cool that the state reflects this overall.

Minneapolis & The Geek Community

Since I have accepted myself as a full geek, I have really gotten involved with the community here. I love writing for Twin Cities Geeks in my free time, but I also love the conventions found in this state. There are so many I haven’t been to that I hope to attend once I graduate from school.

Dalek Selfie

Console Room 2015

Minnesota Summers

Our winters can be brutal. My lips get chapped and my hands feel like sandpaper. Once spring and summer arrive, this is such a great place to be. Minneapolis has great lakes like Lake Calhoun in the cities. I happen to live by Lake Minnetonka and that’s a beautiful lake as well. Minnesota summers are absolutely worth the harsh winters.

“Minnesota Nice”

If you haven’t heard, we are nicknamed Minnesota Nice. The people here are incredible and I have some long lasting friendships from this area. I couldn’t imagine leaving to another state permanently.

Also there’s our incredible Science Museum which is really my favorite.. πŸ™‚ If you need a place to visit, come check out Minnesota because it’s truly a great place to be.



Outside the Science Museum in St. Paul.




10 thoughts on “Minnesota Pride

  1. I always enjoy Local Love posts!! I used to fly, so I loved visiting the Twin Cities in the summer time. Being from Florida, the -18F in the dead of winter when it was “too cold to snow” alway skilled me! πŸ˜‰


  2. Okay, the number of cool places to visit in the States is increasing πŸ˜€ Good to know that you’ve embraced the Geek in you fully and wonderfully! ❀


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