Lego Batman 2

It’s rare for me to carve in an hour into my day to play video games. Being a college student, classes & work always come first. By the time I get done with everything, it’s usually late and that’s when I’m reading a book and slowly drifting off to sleep. I can’t play video games before I go to bed because it appears in my dreams. Once I got attacked by a Big Daddy from Bioshock.. it was the worst.

A couple weeks ago, me and the boyfriend have made it a date night to play the Lego games together. It’s challenging finding two player split screen games and most Lego games fit that description. We started with Lego Batman 2 because I ended up buying this game and 007 Bloodstone (which I haven’t played yet). I ended up finding this game pretty cheesy and fun and if you want to a cute Lego game to satisfy your time, I recommend this one.

My only disappointment is that I wish we could play as the other characters earlier in the game. It was really repetitive playing as Batman and Robin for half the game at least. I loved when the Justice League came to the rescue because it was new characters to play as. I really like the Flash and maybe that’s because of the awesome CW TV show, but he was super cute to play in Lego form. I also really enjoyed Cyborg too.

Lego Batman 2

Look how cute the Flash looks!!

Beating this game is great in coop, but most of the achievements are from single player only which really sucks. I’m not sure if I really want to get all the achievements in single player because it would take forever. I was an achievement hunter years ago, but now I just don’t have the time. The next Lego game we are playing is Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and I’m pretty pumped. Also Lego Star Wars Force Awakens comes out in June and I’m definitely going to purchase it.

8 thoughts on “Lego Batman 2

  1. I love lego games but I feel like those are always meant to be played co-op. I wish the achievements weren’t for single player that’s kind of lame. But great review of the game.


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