5 Reasons I Love Being a Geek

If Bizarre Brunette doesn’t tell you anything, I describe myself as a geek. I saw this write-up on Geeky Brunette’s blog and I loved this prompt.

Here’s the link to her original post:  10 Reasons I Love Being a Geek

I ended up changing mine to 5 because I wanted to talk more about each reason and I didn’t want this post to be too lengthy. My blog’s ultimate goal is to love yourself for who you are and to be proud of the person you have become.

Here are 5 reasons why I love being a geek.

Enjoying and Trying New Things

There are so many new TV shows, movies, books, graphic novels, and board games to try. I love trying something new and really enjoy it. The most recent example is my newfound love of board games. I have Pandemic in my car right now along with Red Dragon Inn 2. Board games are a nice way to spend a Friday night or any night in general.


Conventions are such a fun event for the geek community. Ever since going to Convergence in 2013, I have loved going to conventions. I have never felt more in my element and I have met a lot of really cool people from these cons. I’m not sure if I will go to Console Room 2016, but Convergence is definitely on my list. I missed out last year, but I will be back this year.. *hopefully,*

Ghostbusters Car.jpg
This is the Twin Cities Ghostbusters Car

Geek Fashion

I love expressing my Fandoms through my clothing choices. I have my Batman pants that I will love forever. Including my Agents of Shield glow-in-the-dark tank top and my Daredevil shirt. Those are my most notable clothing items but there is so much more in my closet. I get the most compliments whenever I wear something especially geeky. It’s pretty great.

Being Myself

There have always been times when I wasn’t comfortable being myself. I was scared of what everyone else was going to think. Then there came a time early on in my college life when I really stopped caring. People will judge me, but I will always try to be myself.

Being a part of the community!

Ever since I started blogging for Twin Cities Geeks, I have felt more involved in the geek community. I love it! I love the Twin Cities and to know there is a special group of people who are just as geeky as I am, really brings me happiness. I love writing for the page, but I also find out about cool events going on in the Cities. It’s really a fantastic place to be a geek.

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Being a Geek

  1. I’ve definitely had my fair share of hate/verbal abuse for being a girl in certain video-game worlds that made me so hesitant of the geek world entirely. I think getting into these genres isn’t something you can just shrug off though so thankfully i’m still an avid gamer. I love that you’re also into board games! I love board games and am getting quite the collection now. Nice post and blog šŸ˜€


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