Life Lately Mardi Gras!

The weekend always flies by way too quickly. I’m sitting writing a blog post on a Sunday night before I head to work. I will say that this weekend was a blast and I’m so glad I was able to leave Winona for a day. It’s funny how when I leave my college town my stress levels drop. I have a lab practical tomorrow, but I don’t feel nearly as nervous as I did before I left for home.

This weekend almost didn’t happen. On Friday night, I noticed my tire looked flat so my boyfriend offered to fill my tires for me. He came back and said my tire was flat and that I might need to replace the tires. I called for a towing company Saturday morning and as it turns out there was nothing wrong with the tire. Apparently, the screw came loose which made my tire flat. Thank goodness because now I could head for the city.

Me and my two best friends purchased tickets to a Mardi Gras pub crawl. We got all dressed up and took an Uber to the first bar: The Fremont. We got a free mask which was kind of fun. I saw no one dressed up though. :/ I was wearing green and yellow beads and my friend drew on a mask with eyeliner. We met up with some friends and it was a great night filled with dancing and drinks.

I love taking pictures because pictures and the memories associated with them will last forever. Here were some pictures that I took of the event. Overall I don’t recommend paying for pub crawls, instead just go bar hopping if you want a night out.

Mardi Crawl 2
Mardi Crawl 7

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