Life Lately Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I for one have spent the entire day working on homework and practicing blood pressure for a lab practical exam. Yesterday though, I spent the entire day with my boyfriend and it was a great time for us to spend together. Also, I got to see Deadpool and I will talk more about that later.

The first part of our day was spent getting coffee. Me and my boyfriend have really bonded over our mutual love of coffee. Blue Heron Coffeehouse is a really nice coffee shop attached to a bookstore. It was a good atmosphere with great coffee. Next on the list was Bloedows. Bloedows is a great donut and pastry shop in my college town. I had this amazing apple turnover which of course led to me getting crumbs all over myself so that’s good.

Valentines Day Weekend.jpg

After the donuts, we went wine tasting. I have never participated in wine tasting before, but in Wisconsin, there’s this beautiful winery so we went there. I tend to like sweeter wine, but I had this dry white wine that was pretty decent too. You get three free wine tastings so me and the boyfriend just switched our glasses to try different kinds.

Valentines Day Weekend 2
Valentines Day Weekend 3

Then I finally got to see Deadpool.

It was everything that I wanted it to be. The fight scenes were killer, especially the opening with the highway scene. Also, the deaths are pretty gruesome but I was expecting that going into this movie. I’m already eagerly awaiting the sequel plus Deadpool’s appearance in the other X-Men movies.

Valentines Day Weekend 4

Overall my Valentine’s Day weekend was super nice and romantic.

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