5 Love Languages

Today I’m going to make a Valentine’s Day/Romance-themed post revolving around my Love Language. I was introduced to this quiz yesterday by my boyfriend’s roommate who insisted that my boyfriend take it. I’m pretty confident that I took this quiz before because it seemed very familiar. Basically, the premise behind this quiz is to figure out how you understand your partner’s expressions of love. I would say the results are pretty accurate, so let’s talk about them.

The way this quiz is scored is 1-12. 12 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

9. Quality Time

This is so accurate! Both me and my boyfriend are super busy! I work a job and take 14 credits of schoolwork while my boyfriend works two jobs on top of other responsibilities. Carving time is pretty difficult during the week, but sometimes we just take a half-hour to spend time together. Quality time together is definitely a way love can be expressed.

7. Acts of Service

Acts of Service is having your partner go above and beyond. My boyfriend brought me coffee at work when I had a tough day which was so sweet!

7 Words of Affirmation.

Giving someone compliments is a great way to show your love for someone. I try and send texts to my boyfriend throughout the day. I love receiving words of affirmation too because it can help me get through a tough time.

5 Physical Touch

I enjoy receiving hugs every once in a while, but me and my boyfriend don’t really do PDA. I think that for some PDA makes people really uncomfortable and when I hang out with friends and my boyfriend, I want to make my friends feel included. This isn’t something huge in my relationship.

2. Receiving Gifts

This isn’t really how I express my love for my boyfriend and vice versa. I just have plenty of “stuff” already and I don’t need more. There are things I keep that have a special meaning to me, but I don’t need a gift to know that this person cares. I also really don’t give gifts that often because I would rather spend money on concert tickets or an experience that we can do together.

So what’s your love language? Here’s the quiz link to figure it out: Love Languages Quiz

8 thoughts on “5 Love Languages

  1. Receiving gifts is mine – I love buying stuff for my hubby and friends that makes me think of them or that I know they’d love 🙂


  2. Haha I just took this and #2 for me is physical touch and acts of service is second to lass. Interesting how everyone has different results.


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