Exploding Kittens Card Game Review!

Last Friday/Weekend I was in a funk. We are studying cancer in my Pathophysiology class which brings up memories of my dad when he was sick. My funk continued throughout the day on Friday. The boyfriend helped cheer me up when he pulled out Exploding Kittens the card game and suggested we should play it.

Exploding Kittens is a very quick game with each round lasting maybe 10 minutes? The goal of the game is to not get the exploding kitten card and if you do get an exploding kitten, to have a defuse card so you can disarm the kitten. In the beginning, everyone starts out with a defuse card. Each time the exploding kitten card is used, it’s put back into the deck. There are also various cat cards in the deck that once played in pairs lets you steal a card from the  hands of other players. Best case scenario is you steal the defuse card so you have extra protection from the exploding kitten.

For any crazy cat lady, it’s worth it to play the game. I love cats so much as most of you know, so I really enjoyed the game. The cats on the cards are so freaking adorable and I just love them. The game is super short which I enjoy because it doesn’t require my attention for very long. I played two or three rounds and the game kind of gets old after a while, but I still enjoy it. The only thing better than this game is having a cat by your side creepily watching you play this card game.


7 thoughts on “Exploding Kittens Card Game Review!

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  2. Hey I know this game, played it for the first time last week! As you say, it is rather fast and you won’t do more than an hour (we had 4 people), but oh my oh are the cards hilarious. Just looking at some of them makes you laugh! One of my favorites is the potato with hair cat card ^^


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