Things I love Thursdays Week 1

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It’s Thursday and that means I’m closer to the weekend! This is a segment created by a couple of female bloggers about things you’re loving and want to share with everyone else. Here’s the link to one of the creator’s blogs so you can check it out. Things I love Thursdays So I decided to participate because I found out a lot of cool stuff this week that I wanted to share so without further ado, here are the coolest and weird stuff I love

Pandemic and Cthulhu Board Game Combo

So to say that I’m excited is definitely an understatement. I loved Pandemic and you can find my review of the game under my gaming section. I also love Arkham Horror which is based on Cthulhu and Lovecraft’s stories. To combine both for a fun take on both games is super awesome. I love board games that are rather complex and this will definitely have that. Cthulhu is creepy and awesome and if it is included in any game, I’m playing it. You can read more about this game here: Cthulu Board Game

Reading Operation Stop Hate

Operation Stop Hate.jpg

I’m reading this awesome book from a Minnesota author called Operation Stop Hate. This novel takes place in Minnesota and I love that I can pinpoint locations from this book. I also enjoy the protagonist a lot. It’s a cool story because I actually have this book signed by the author, but I’ll go into that when I post a review but right now I’m loving this book!

Batman Bad Blood Animated Film

This animated movie looks like it would be good. It stars Dick Grayson aka Nightwing and he tries to save the day when Batman isn’t around. I love that it’s centered around Nightwing and also there’s an appearance by Batgirl which is really nice. I cannot wait to get my hands on this to watch it.

I hope to do this most Thursdays but it depends on how busy I get so we shall see.

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