Jessica Jones Discussion

When I posted my Winter Break Bucket List (see post below), I said I wanted to watch Jessica Jones. Well, I finished it much earlier than I expected. In between finals and studying for them, I carved out an hour to fit in an episode. This show is gritty, well-acted, and realistic.

What I loved:

David Tennant can seriously do no wrong. He’s fantastic and scary as Kilgrave. I have no idea how Kilgrave is in the comics, but Tennant really plays a scary villain. He’s violent and intimidating and there’s not much you can do to stop him. The show really analyzes how if mind control existed how our justice system would react. I thought that part of the show was realistic. David Tennant was a huge highlight of this series for me.

This show is incredibly dark, but it’s supposed to be. Hells Kitchen parallels Gotham City in the fact that it’s a dangerous place. Criminals run rampant and you have to look after yourself. Jessica is perfectly capable of doing this herself, but I like that the show has an accurate portrayal of living in Hell’s Kitchen.

A female superhero who doesn’t need a love interest is so great! Jessica has Luke Cage, but at the same time she doesn’t end up with anyone. She’s perfectly capable of fighting her own battles without a man by her side. It’s refreshing to see this in female superheroes. It’s hard to watch how women are shown on TV because most of the time there is a romantic element. With Jessica, that’s not really a big theme of this show and it’s great.

The show examines controversial topics. Rape especially is shown throughout the show but also how Jessica handles her PTSD. PTSD isn’t shown in pop culture all that much, but it’s great that we see Jessica, not at her optimum mental capacity. Kilgrave messed with her and it’s accurate seeing Jessica reacting the way she is. Sometimes Marvel productions don’t show this side of their characters. They’re expected to be okay and move on, but Jessica is showing an accurate side of what it’s like to be under someone’s control for so long.

This show was incredible and now I’m having a hard time moving on to another TV show. I can’t wait for the meet-up between Daredevil and Jessica in Hells Kitchen because Marvel is going to make it happen.

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