Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Now that final is over and done, I can finally focus on the holiday spirit. Yesterday, the holiday train rolled into Winona and it was a nice mood boost. The train was decorated with an assortment of lights and there was Christmas music being blasted. It was a nice needed holiday event to help engage me in the Christmas season.

Holiday Train 10
Holiday Train
Holiday Train 8
Holiday Train 6
Holiday Train 11
Holiday Train 7
Holiday Train 3
Holiday Train 4
Holiday Train 5
Holiday Train 9
Holiday Train 2

Christmas is always a great time because I’m able to catch up with family members from both sides. I also do a lot of figure skating over break. For those who don’t know, I have been figure skating since I was 6. I took lessons for about 10 years or so. Learning to skate is like riding a bike, it’s something you don’t forget. Sure, I can’t do waltz jumps anymore, but I’m still steady on the ice. Every Christmas, my family gets together to go ice skating. It’s a fantastic tradition that I remember when I was little.

I read a lot of blog posts about people posting their Christmas lists and cool items that they want. Now that I’m older, I realize I never truly need anything for Christmas besides my family, friends, cups of coffee, an endless supply of books, and peace.

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