Thanksgiving Positivity

Thanksgiving is an important holiday in my household. It’s a time to catch up and relax while enjoying the classic thanksgiving comfort food. I love seeing family members that I don’t get to see since I’m in Winona 24/7.

I just want to make a classic Thanksgiving post that lets me describe what I’m thankful for.

Let’s start with my mom and my brother.

The Three Muskateers June 5 2012

I’m thankful for my mom because she has always supported me for everything I partake in. She’s the first I call about good news and the bad. Her excitement about the littlest things really adds cuteness to my life. She’s a huge reason why I want to stay in the Minnesota area because I can’t even imagine being really far from my family.

My brother is also someone I’m thankful for. My brother has Asperger’s syndrome and because of that he doesn’t really understand certain social cues. I love my brother for who he is. He has helped me understand others who are diagnosed with ASD and he’s such an intelligent and nerdy person. Without these two individuals in my life, I feel like I would be lost.

Now my awesome friends

Best Friends June 5 2012 3

Fonz Statue 3


My friends mean so much to me. I’m thankful I have people I can text to hang out or get coffee. I have met so many wonderful people in college yet I’m still really good friends with people from high school. It’s amazing how good friends can add so much to you standard life. My friends are goofy, passionate and overall lovable. I’m thankful to have these people in my life.


Once Upon a Crim 2

My love for books starts from my childhood. From daily trips to the library and annual trips to the bookstore, books are a huge childhood memory for me. I recently reconnected with reading this year and I love purchasing and reading different series. This picture is my absolute favorite and I can easily spend an entire day reading a great book. With the approach of winter, I will catch up on my books before the end of the year.

Cats, Doctor Who, Superheroes & Harry Potter


To wrap up what I’m thankful for, I will sum it up with this cute picture. Cats of course because they really add joy to my life. I can’t wait until my life is stable enough to welcome a couple of kitties into my lifestyle. Doctor Who is definitely another thing I’m thankful for! I love the franchise and look at the fez! I also love Harry Potter and finally superheroes.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Here’s to a wonderful rest of the year and many more to come.

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