The Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead

A gaming review is about to be posted on this page. It’s rare for me to find time to play video games. This is The Walking Dead game.

First, I have never been a fan of The Walking Dead TV show nor will I ever be a fan. I watched the first episode and watching a horse being eaten alive by a zombie really turned me away. I know that a lot of people absolutely love it, but I’m not a fan. That being said, the boyfriend played this and raved about how good it was. I found a copy of this at my house that my brother bought and I brought it back to school.

The game starts with the main character Lee sitting in the back of a police cruiser and being transported to the nearest prison facility. Being that there is a zombie apocalypse, shit hits the fan rather quickly. As Lee escapes his police cruiser, he finds a presumed empty house until he meets Clementine, an adorable 8-year-old girl waiting for the return of her parents. Lee takes Clementine under his wing as he meets different people and fights off numerous hordes of zombies.

This game is rather difficult as it relies on quick response choices to situations. I love this part of the game because it’s rather realistic and requires a lot of strategies. It’s definitely difficult to see how each character changes because of your response. I haven’t played a type of game like this in a while and it was really well done.

The graphics aren’t all that great for this game and I think that is a downfall. Sometimes the movement of the character is clunky and doesn’t flow well. The graphics are pretty meh.. but that shouldn’t stop you from playing this game.

The story is really entertaining and I constantly wanted to know what happened in each episode. The ending of the game is definitely heart-wrenching because favorite characters will meet an end. The actual last episode is really hard to watch, but the story is told wonderfully.

Seriously, even if The Walking Dead is not your thing, everyone will love this game. You can tell when a game is great when it attracts all gamers. I wish I could wipe my memory of the game and replay it so I could see my reaction again. If you haven’t played this older 360 game, it needs to appear on your backlog ASAP.

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