Life Lately: Lots and Lots of Blogging

Blogging is a newfound leisure activity that I distract myself with. Starting the Bizarre Brunette over a year ago, I really wanted to inspire people to adore themselves for who they are. It’s easily a struggle I deal with on a daily basis. I know that there is nothing I can do to change my geeky, weird, bizarre personality so it’s a journey of basic acceptance.

Presently, I have been writing various blog posts for different websites. Yesterday, I submitted my article to Twin Cities Geeks about weight lifting. Lifting weights has been amazing because I have been seeing the results. I can see how strong I have become and it’s awesome. I feel like a badass. Being able to write about fitness to inspire others just assures me to continue on in my major. Health and fitness is a career I really and truly belong in.

Besides writing fitness-based articles for Twin Cities Geek, I have also been volunteering for the Winona State University Blog. My first post is all about surviving anatomy and physiology which is one of the toughest classes to take at Winona. I’m so glad to be done, but I’m proud that I accomplished and passed both semesters of A&P with flying colors.

So right now I’m keeping up with this nerdy masterpiece, Twin Cities Geek and Winona State University blog. I also journal every other day so I can easily say I write a lot. I feel that my writing has grown and become much better the more practice I have. I really love writing this blog and I’m thankful that I have followers who enjoy reading it too. 🙂

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