Tomb Raider: Gaming Review

This post will mark my first gaming review posted to the Bizarre Brunette. The last game I finished, Batman: Arkham Origins, I ended up posting that review on Twin Cities Geeks so I didn’t want to retype my thoughts on my personal blog. I can add the link to that review if you’re interested in reading it. Tomb Raider mesmerized me with the visually appealing island, Lara’s new re-invented look, and the fascinating story.

Tomb Raider is a prequel, telling the story of how Lara became as fierce as she is. The story starts with Lara and her archaeological team traveling to the island, Yamatai. Yamatai is located off the coast of Japan and was once ruled by Himiko, a sun queen who was blessed with powers for controlling the weather. Lara’s ship crashes on the island due to a horrific storm and with that experience, Lara starts to suspect that the storm has a magical pretense. She believes that something paranormal is stopping her team from leaving the island. Throughout the game, Lara uncovers the mystery behind Himiko, tries to help save her friends, and leaves the island.

Lara has been reinvented by wearing gray & white tank tops, brown cargo pants, and brown lace combat boots. Even though her french braid is no more, I really like her ponytail that’s loose and side-swept. It’s an accurate and more realistic take on the character.

Additionally, I really enjoy the weapons that Lara has access to. Her bow is the first weapon you gather in the game and after various levels, you can get fire arrows which are even more fun to use. The assault rifle is another definite favorite of mine, especially in huge fight sequences with multiple enemies shooting down at Lara. Weapon upgrades are awesome and I had the rifle fully upgraded first which made the weapon more useful. Lara can also gain skills that will help her throughout her adventure. There are skills that give you more XP to level up quicker, different take-down tactics, and more.

The characters that aid Lara add to the story. Conrad Roth is easily my favorite as he helps Lara through tough times and he gives her the pep talk she needs to be able to survive on the island. He is a crucial character in Lara’s development. Dr. James Whitman on the other hand is so arrogant, narcissistic, and annoying. If you beat the game, you will understand my frustration with Dr. Whitman.

Lara can stumble upon collectibles that enhance the campaign. Lara can find journal entries that reveal the ulterior motives of certain characters, she can discover hidden artifacts and she can uncover hidden tombs. The tombs themselves often have puzzles to solve to help uncover more collectibles. I like the puzzles because they’re really challenging so it’s satisfying to complete each tomb. The collectibles are worth grabbing and that’s the one part of the game I have left to complete.

Tomb Raider was an awesome game and I’m glad I found the time to complete it. It’s a great prequel that really brings Lara back into the next generation of gaming. I am looking forward to the sequel and it’s one reason why I really want to upgrade to the Xbox One.

Here’s the link to my Batman: Arkham Origins video game review

Happy Gaming Everyone! 🙂

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