The Catalain book of Secrets: Review

Catalain Book of Secrets

My stack of books to be read is slowly decreasing. The latest book I read, The Catalain Book of Secrets was a book I picked up during my bookstore hunt in Minneapolis over spring break. I saw this book on a shelf and I was entranced. The cover is absolutely beautiful. The purple and blue colors are really pretty and the mansion itself is a huge part of this novel.

This novel takes place in Faith Falls, Minnesota. Catalain is a well-known family in Faith Falls particularly because they are capable of performing magic. Each family member has a unique gift with magical abilities. Ursula has the ability to make incredible potions. Her two daughters: Katrine and Jasmine also have unique abilities. Throughout the novel, there is a Catalain family curse. It starts with Ursula and it’s detailed in the first chapter. This family curse threatens to take away the Catalain magic and the happiness of the women in the family.

I really enjoyed Jessica Lourey’s writing style. Her writing has a lot of imagery and it’s easy to imagine the fictional small town. Since I’m from Minnesota, it’s nice to read a book that captures Minnesota’s beauty.

I really loved the Catalain women. This book has very strong female characters in it. It also shows that each of the characters has had their hardships and how they handled them.

Normally, this isn’t a book I would choose for myself to read. I really enjoyed it! The characters are great, the setting of the story is told really well and I really enjoyed the writing of the story. I recommend this especially if you live in the Minnesota area.


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