Life Lately: The Forest, Jurassic World & Red Dragon Inn

I’m feeling anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time. In a week from now, I will be on my first road trip to go to Electric Forest. Electric Forest is a four day music festival in Rothbury, Michigan. It’s taking place from June 25th-28th. We are leaving June 24th to do most of the driving before making our way to the festival on the 25th. I purchased my tickets months ago and I can’t believe it’s happening in a week! My friend introduced me to the festival and in a split second we purchased tickets.

The festival itself is beautiful. I have been looking at some of the pictures taken from last year and it’s making me even more excited. The stages are surrounded by trees and there are bright neon lights that light up the stage at night. Yoga will be taught on the stage in the morning.

I’m not an experienced camper. My mom considers camping as staying in a hotel for a night. We never did camping trips when I was little. This will be my first experience with camping for more than a night. That excites me and makes me nervous. Thankfully, my friends that I’m going with have had a lot of experience with camping. I plan on posting pictures and my experience after the forest! This will be my first road trip ever and I feel like an adult.

Electric Forest 2014 2

EOTO - Sunset

EOTO – Sunset

(Images from Electric Forest website).

Yesterday, I saw Jurassic World with the boyfriend! I really enjoyed it. It was cool to see the dinosaurs on the big screen. Plus Chris Pratt is awesome and he can be in any movie and I will probably go see it.

Finally, last weekend I played some Red Dragon Inn. I was first introduced to this board game at a video game club meeting I went to two years ago. I got my brother into it too and he let me borrow his second edition of the game. The goal of Red Dragon Inn is to not get wasted, don’t lose your health and don’t lose all of your gold. Me and the boyfriend played it outside in a gazebo and it was really fun. Plus we saw the sunset and it was really beautiful.

Red Dragon Inn Winona Sunset

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