Life Lately: Walk Around Winona and Rock Climbing!

I had a really fun weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous so I ended up skipping the gym to go on a nice long walk. As soon as you enter Winona, there are two lakes that surround the road. That’s where I ended up going on my walk. There is a bigger lake which is around 3.2ish miles? and the smaller lake is 1.7ish miles? Total it ends up being 5 miles. I love walking! I think it’s a relaxing way to be active and walking long distances is a really good workout. I posted some pictures on my walk. I even found some cherry blossom trees which are native to Japan. Apparently, our university has a good relationship with a Japanese university so they gave cherry blossoms to Winona. It’s super pretty now that they have finally bloomed.

On Saturday, I went rock climbing! In our recreation center, we just finished building this massive rock wall. I climbed up to the ceiling twice on two separate rock walls. I was pretty proud of myself actually. There were two other walls that I couldn’t figure out how to get up. I want to go back so I can get up those rock walls. I have been sore in my forearms for the past few days now, but it’s really worth it. I hope to go back again before finals!

DSC01505 (2)

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