The Date Jar!

I am definitely not a creative person. I am definitely more of a logical type of person. However, Pinterest has a lot of creative ideas. That’s how I found out about a date jar! Me and my boyfriend made one a couple days ago. Basically, both you and your partner come up with date night ideas and add them to a jar. When you have no idea what you want to do together, you pull an idea out and that’s what you do!

It was really fun to make! We both had really creative ideas to add. Also, our date jar is a Tardis because we both love Doctor Who! 😛 The first idea we pulled was to watch a scary movie. I am excited because I added a lot of cool ideas like rollerblading, canoeing, coloring, making crafts, and pumpkin carving! It will be cool to be able to do fun and spontaneous things!

Eventually, the “date jar” will run out, but our plan is just to do it all over again. I would highly recommend this idea to anyone! It’s really creative and it’s cool to see what your partner will come up with to add. Thanks, Pinterest for the cool idea.

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