Star Wars The Force Awakens/Batman vs. Superman

Recently, two important movie trailers have been released: Star Wars the Force Awakens & Batman vs. Superman.

Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer was released this week. My first reaction: Darth Vader’s mask!? There were rumors about Luke turning to the Dark Side. Personally, I don’t think I would like that too much. Luke was the savior in the last trilogy so for him to go to the Dark Side. I don’t think so. I don’t think Darth Vader should come back. He’s dead and has been defeated. I want to see someone new become the villain. Also, the soccer ball robot (BB-8) is so cute. I call it a soccer ball because when I watched the first teaser, that’s what it made me think of. I love the last line that Han Solo says “Chewie, we are home”. It was a perfect way to end the trailer. That being said, I wonder if Han Solo will die in this new trilogy? The reason I say that is because Harrison Ford has always wanted to see Solo die in the other movies, so to me this might set up the stage for the other movies if Solo dies. Hmm.. only time will tell. This will easily be the most anticipated movie coming out in 2015.

The second trailer, Batman vs. Superman was leaked. It was originally coming out on Monday, April 20th. My first reaction: I love the shot of Superman and people crowding around him. Superman out of all the other superheroes that exist is the one that people look up to. He is someone who is trying to do the right thing. I like that there is a little narration provided by Lex Luthor. There is this chant in the trailer: “Go Home”. Imagine if superheroes actually existed in our world. This movie to me seems realistic if these heroes exist, how would our race react to them. I also like the shot of Batman and his sonar/detective vision. It is also featured very heavily in Batman Arkham Asylum. One thing I didn’t really like is Batman’s voice, it sounds very robotic to me if that was even his voice when he talks to Superman. Overall, I think this movie does have potential. As someone who did enjoy Man of Steel, I really think that DC could get this right. I know that a lot of people don’t have the faith I do, but I think Ben Affleck has terrific talent and I think he can do this. One thing to note is where is Wonder Woman!? I absolutely love the costume that she is wearing in her poster. It would have been super cool to see it in the trailer.

Those are my initial thoughts on these trailers! I am hyped for both of these movies. If you have seen the trailers, let me know what you think đŸ™‚

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