The Man Without Fear/Daredevil

Daredevil 2

Today was a beautiful day. I walked home several times from campus, read outside, and watched my new favorite TV show, Daredevil on Netflix.

On April 10th 2015, Marvel and Netflix released a show titled Daredevil. There are thirteen episodes in total. I just wanted to say that this show is amazing. I don’t like sitting and watching five episodes in a row and having it take up my entire day. Daredevil is worth watching though and I will make time in my day to finish season #1. I will probably finish it by the end of this week, and I may post about it later on, but for now here are my initial first thoughts about Daredevil.

First of all, this show is the best portrayal of Daredevil. Matthew Murdock is a lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen. New York City. As a child, he is blinded when he is involved in an accident with chemicals. He is given gifts and these gifts heighten his senses. He uses his gifts to help become a vigilante for Hells Kitchen. Daredevil isn’t a hero. He uses violence to try and restore peace to his city. He will torture bad people to find out about higher up criminals. This definitely makes him an anti-hero. He uses his day job as a lawyer to lock up criminals and punishes the criminals that escape the law. This television show is very gritty and violent. I think it has to be that way because that’s how Daredevil is as a character. He is someone you secretly root for because he does things to bad people that you wish you could do. He punishes rapists, he beats up thieves and he makes examples out of the criminals in the city. Though he never kills anyone he comes into contact with. Is Daredevil a bad person? Yeah he is, but do you secretly root for him to clean up Hells Kitchen? Absolutely.

The acting in this show is incredible. Charlie Cox is clearly prepared for this role and he does a really good job at acting as Matt Murdock. There is never a point in time where his acting isn’t believable. He put a lot of work into this character and it definitely shows. Besides Charlie, there is Vincent D’Onoforio who plays Wilson Fisk. Fisk is a force to be reckoned with. Fisk is someone everyone fears and D’Onoforio plays this part very well. Plus I absolutely love the women in this show. Rosario Dawson plays Claire, a nurse who helps heal Matt Murdock and Deborah Ann Woll plays Karen Page, a receptionist who is trying to uncover corruption in Hell’s Kitchen. There are two very strong female characters in this television show who are witty and intelligent.

Finally, the action sequences in this TV show were planned and executed well. They are so quick and it’s hard to believe that someone spent time rehearsing these sequences. Fight scenes in action movies or TV shows are all about a routine. You learn the moves and you practice them. Every action sequence keeps me on the edge of my seat because it’s so fast-paced and unexpected.

To end this post, I want to recommend this wonderful show. It has a captivating story, an excellent cast and it really is the TV show that Daredevil deserves.
Now I will be returning to Netflix to finish this season and become sad when it’s finally over.. 😦

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