Winona County Library

Libraries are the most beautiful buildings. Wednesday I was feeling adventurous and I wanted to study somewhere that wasn’t my room. I decided to take a trip downtown to the county library. I had actually never been to this library before. It surprises me because I have always wanted to go, but I had never gotten around to it.

As soon as I arrived, I immediately headed up the stairs and I found a table on the second floor. On the second floor where I sat and studied, there was a huge dome with stained glass art. It’s spectacular! I ended up cranking out a lab report for two hours, but the library is peaceful. I would much rather go to the county library than the campus library. It’s nice to get away from other college students. After I was finished with homework, I wandered through the shelves of old library books.

The bookshelves themselves were pretty cramped but they were very ornate. The library reminded me of a building that could have existed in the 1800s. I like that they didn’t just tear down the building and instead kept restoring it. It shows that this building has been a part of the history that Winona, MN has to offer.

I have such a huge book backlog right now, but I managed to find some books to check out. I also opened up my Winona county library card. I checked out Rest in Pieces by Rita Mae Brown. It’s about a woman solving murder mysteries with her cat! How great is that!? Cats are amazing creatures. Finally, I checked out The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien.

I’m not sure that I will get around to reading three library books before they’re due, but I will definitely take more pictures of the library and upload them when I go back.

Library Card 4.1.15 (2)

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