Fangirl: Review!


I absolutely cannot wait to write this review because I loved every single page of this book. I finished this book last night and I felt very satisfied. I absolutely love Rainbow Rowell as an author and I will definitely read more of her books!

Fangirl is about Cather Avery. Cather is going away to college and she is incredibly nervous. Cather is also the biggest Simon Snow fan ever! In this world, Simon Snow is huge! Cather writes fanfiction all the time and her website gets many hits! This book is about her experiences in college and how she grows as a person.

I absolutely love Cather as a person! She’s really shy but extremely passionate about what she loves. I would say that I relate to her because of how geeky I am.

Cather goes through many other personal experiences including the hospitalization of her father, her mother trying to reappear in her life, and dating. I feel like these experiences really shape Cather and it shows how close she is to her family. Cather is an easy character to relate to and that’s probably why I love the book so much. I’m constantly rooting for her.

This book made me want to keep reading and I read almost half of the book in a day. It’s addicting and you really get entranced in the story. I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and I even added it to my favorites bookshelf. This is my favorite book I have read in 2015 for sure.

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