The 5 Year Plan

Yesterday, I had an advising appointment with my adviser to sign up for classes. I love advising. I love planning out what classes I’m taking and in what order. As it turns out, I am on the five-year plan to graduate. I’m okay with this.

Freshman year of college, I had the idea that I wanted to go to medical school. So I majored in Biology Allied Health and Pre-Med. In my sophomore year fall semester, I had an epiphany. I hated organic chemistry and I realized I didn’t have the passion to go to medical school. I called my mom in tears because I had no idea what to do. I ended up changing my major to Exercise Science because it’s still a form of biology. A year ago I switched my major and I haven’t looked back.

This major switch has set me behind. Instead of graduating on time, I have at least another semester plus my internship before I graduate. For many, this may be frustrating. I am actually pretty happy about this conclusion. I can take 12 credits per semester and graduate instead of plowing through 18 credits in two semesters to finish on time. I want to have the time to delve deep into my required courses.

Plus, I love school. I am so proud to be a Winona State University Warrior. I love my campus, my professors, and my apartment. I have made so many great friends here and I love where I work. I will always have a connection to Winona State and I know when I graduate I will come back and visit.

Once a warrior, always a warrior.

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