Summer Plans & My Love for Winona, MN.

Today I figured out my summer plans. I have decided to live in Winona, MN for the entire summer. However, I will be going home at least once a month to see my family. Me and my family are pretty close. I consider my mom more of a best friend than a parent. My brother & me play Magic the Gathering, various awesome board games, and video games when we hang out. Being in Winona will make me miss my family more. I am excited to stay in Winona for the summer.

I have many reasons that led me to this decision. In May, I’m taking a summer class. The class is titled Nutrition for the Physically Active. I think it would make for a great summer class because it’s Monday-Friday 7:45-9:45. This class lasts until June and then that’s when I decided to update my lease to 11.5 months instead of 9 months.

Going to school in Winona has made me realize how much I consider Winona to be a second home. I have made so many memories in college that will carry with me for the rest of my life. I have talked to friends of mine who have all agreed on how gorgeous Winona is in the summer. There are no college students, the town is incredibly peaceful and it has the most gorgeous weather.

I love the feeling when you finally figure out your plans. I can relax and start the countdown to the end of finals and the start of summer.

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