The Bone Collector: Review

The Bone Collector

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I have my cup of coffee near by. It’s the perfect time to write a book review about the latest book I read: The Bone Collector by Jeffrey Deaver.

I was in high school when my mom had a movie playing titled the Bone Collector starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. I never knew that this movie had a book until very recently when I was browsing good reads. I knew I had to add this book and I finally purchased this a month ago.

The novel stars Lincoln Rhyme, a modern day Sherlock Holmes. He is a forensic scientist and very well known in New York for his intelligence and arrogance. He is injured in an accident three years ago and he is a quadriplegic. In the beginning of the book we see that he is losing his will to live and even seeks out a doctor to help end his life. His old partner from the police department, Lon Sellitto, comes to Lincoln with a new case. A man has been found buried but his skin had been sliced off to the point that the bone of his finger had been exposed. Lincoln, intrigued with the case, comes back to solving crimes. When working the case, Lincoln meets Amelia Sachs. They form a unique bond that progresses along with the story.

What I absolutely loved about this novel is the portrayal of Lincoln. I think Jeffrey Deaver does a great job at making him a realistic character. I cannot even imagine being a quadriplegic and not being able to use my legs. If I were in that situation, I would probably lose the fight to live at some point too. Lincoln really is the New York version of Sherlock Holmes. Many of the clues are little details that many would skip over, while Lincoln realizes their importance. I also love the forensic science in this book too. For me, it was easy to understand and it added to the level of intelligence and accuracy this book portrayed.

I didn’t really have any complaints with this book at all. It was fast paced and I didn’t see the ending coming at all. Then again, I never finished the movie so it was still a surprise for me. I rated this book four stars on good reads because I thought it was fantastic and I really adore Lincoln as a character. I plan to read more of this series when I have time!

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