Secret Santa Gifts, Going Back to School and New Haircut!

My winter break is officially over. I am glad to start classes and get back to a normal routine after having a lot of downtime. Today I met up with some friends and we gave our secret Santa presents. For my secret Santa, I got her a Batman-related present which included a t-shirt, a necklace, and Batman socks. She loved it! I received a Tardis journal. It has the Tardis on the front and “Bad Wolf” written on the Tardis. If you watch Doctor Who, you get the reference. Overall my friends definitely know enough about me to get me an awesome present!

I have also been busy because I have been preparing to go back to Winona. I had to get my car’s oil changed, get a haircut, pack, return my library books and finish most of them, make a grocery list and wash clothes. All of that is out of the way and I am sitting in my room writing this post. I love having a car on campus! It’s more freedom on where I can go in Winona. There is this awesome coffee shop called Acoustic Cafe that has live music. I can go there more often now because I have a car!

Finally, I got a haircut! This is always weird to me because I have always had my hair long. I got it cut short because I really wanted a change and it’s a lot easier to take care of too.

DSC01266 (2)

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