My Trip to Milwaukee

This weekend was super exciting because I ended up going home with my boyfriend to meet his parents for the first time and explore a brand new city! Meeting the parents always makes me nervous. It ended up being a blast and his parents were very nice and really accepted me for the weekend that I spent at his house. Part of that weekend included seeing Milwaukee for the first time.

I have never been this far into Wisconsin before. I never really had a reason to. My boyfriend lives about a half-hour from the city and so we decided to make a day trip. The first stop we made was at the Harley Davidson motorcycle museum. This museum was very interesting and really cool! The first part of the museum shows some of the earliest motorcycles known to exist. It shows gradually how the Harley brand and the motorcycles have changed throughout the decades. The second part of the museum shows motorcycles in pop culture, racing motorcycles, and the newest motorcycles coming out in 2015. My favorite part of the exhibit was the Captain America motorcycle! In Captain America: First Avenger, Steve Rogers is riding on this retro military motorcycle. They had the motorcycle at this museum. I thought it was amazing to look at. I also loved the other type of motorcycles that were donated to the museum. This included a rhinestone motorcycle with red, white, and blue rhinestones.

If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend this museum because the motorcycles were very interesting! After the motorcycle museum, we decided to go to the Milwaukee art museum! It’s right along Lake Michigan. Unfortunately, the museum was between exhibits so there wasn’t all that much to look at but there was this really cool glass sculpture in the museum that was stunning.  We also did a little shopping which included me buying books and a new Spider-Man mug.

I love exploring new areas and Milwaukee is a really cool city. I wish I was 21 though so I could have checked out a couple of the bars in the city that also leaves room for another trip to Milwaukee!


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